The 1030 KUBO Starter Set is the newest version of KUBO, released at the end of 2019. It includes a number of new features:

The set comes in one box, including all parts (the map, the robot, the TagTiles and the USB cable), as opposed to three separate packages.

The activity map is now made of resilient card in a puzzle format, which stacks nicely in the box, helping to keep the TagTiles in place.

The KUBO robot has some great hardware improvements:
Improved gyroscope that automatically corrects directional movements
Improved accelerometer for more precise distance control
Improved audio feedback with a new speaker and hifi audio files

The KUBO robot includes battery level indication through light feedback:
Green light means KUBO is 100% charged
Yellow light means KUBO is max 60% and min 20% charged
Red light means KUBO is less than 20% charged. When the red lights starts to blink KUBO is about to lose all power and must be recharged.

The KUBO Coding Starter Set (1030) is fully compatible with both the KUBO Coding+ TagTile Set (10102) and KUBO Coding++ TagTile Set (10103), so you can get started right away.
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