There are a number of reasons why KUBO may not follow a route accurately:
KUBO’s wheels are not precisely aligned to either side of the TagTiles® when memorizing or following a sequence. Nudge KUBO back on track.
KUBO’s wheels have become misaligned. Check that the wheels have not been bent or objects lodged between the wheel and the body. The wheels are firmly attached to KUBO’s body, so they will not bend unless they have been mishandled.
Check that the TagTiles and Activity Map are on a flat and even surface. Any ripples in the map may mean that the tiles are not as flat as they need to be.
Metal underneath a table surface may interfere with the signal between KUBO and the TagTiles.
Turn KUBO’s wheels. If you hear a click, the motor may be broken. Return the robot to your provider.
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