The number of TagTiles® included in the sets is shown on the storage solution so that students can count them back into the box at the end of their lesson.

For the KUBO Coding Starter or Single Sets there are 46 tiles in total:
14x Go Forward, 6x Go Left and 6x Go Right movement TagTiles.
2x red and 2x blue Function and Play Function TagTiles.
2x Loop and 10x parameter TagTiles.

For the KUBO Coding+ TagTile Set there are 36 tiles in total:
1x each Wait 2, 5 and 10 seconds TagTiles
1x each Go Slow, Go Medium or Go High Speed TagTiles
4x Go Back and 2x U-turn TagTiles
2x each Go Forward 2x, 3x or 4x TagTiles
2x each Turn 90 and 1x each Turn 180 degrees, right and left TagTiles
2x green and 2x Orange Function and Play Function TagTiles

For the KUBO Coding++ TagTile Set there are 44 tiles in total:
6x Variable TagTiles
2x Equal to Variable, 2x Subtract from Variable and 2x Add to Variable Operator TagTiles
1 x Greater Than and 1x Less Than TagTiles
2x ‘Start If’ and 2x ‘End If’ TagTiles
2x True and 2x False TagTiles
3 sets of Event TagTiles (12 tiles in total)
2x Turn 15 degrees left and right TagTiles
2x Set Speed TagTiles
1x Zero Parameter TagTile
1x ‘Start Random’ and 1x ‘End Random’ TagTile
3 Modulator TagTiles
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